Cancer is something you do not something you get

PH Stands for the potential of hydrogen  ion concentration in the human bodies Interstitial fluids . the PH scale ranges from 0 to 14

7 is neutral ) (below 7 is acidic ) (while above is alkaline)

what affects the ph balance ?

  1. What we eat
  2. What we drink
  3. What we think
  4. Extreme physical exercise
  5. Dehydration
  6. Environmental pollutants & toxins

what is the perfect PH range ?

in order to survive the human blood must maintain its delicate balance of 7.35 to 7.45 anything outside of this range results in a lack of oxygen

organs such as the kidneys ,lungs & skin are dedicated to regulating the bodies PH in order to  maintain bodily functions  the balance  must be kept .  if the internal environment is acidic the bloods mechanism of oxygen transference & toxin elimination becomes severely inhibited causing great stress to the bodies organs and cells . the PH value of your food & liquids directly affect the PH value of your bodily fluids which in turn determine the expression your cells take   .

with the understanding that all diseases and illness are forms of over acidity ALKALINEHUMAN focuses on changing the circumstances that create conditions  by removing acidic Foods  Liquids & toxins from your life .

1931's noble prize winner Dr Otto Warburg discovered cells have a absolute requirement for Oxygen  to reach a full healthy life cycle the  internal environment must be at a alkaline PH . The root cause of cancer and disease is a build up of over acidity lowering the PH potential of hydrogen ions  in the body to  below required levels .

dr otto warburg also discovered cancerous cells maintain  thrive and survive in a acidic PH because of the high acid production .in his great work the metabolism of tumours warburg demonstrated that depriving a cell of 35% of its oxygen for 48 hours can cause cancer . for survival if oxygen is not present the cell uses sugar and waste products as a food source causing mutation and coagulation  . CANCER cannot survive in a alkaline environment so its important  for us to monitor our acidic intake and understand the importance of alkalising daily .