Meat Eating - How you are directly responsible for destroying the planet


“ The time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look upon the murder of men." ~ Leonardo Da Vinci.

Carnism has been Called the Dogmatic Belief system of the IGNORANT

 that consists of a distorted  worldview that perceives animals as nothing more then food & entertainment with the belief that if humans cannot use a animal it has no inherent value  , this egotistical ignorant worldview is the cause of over ( 56 billion ) farmed animal deaths yearly , causing unnecessary pain /captivity & certain death to sentient beings  .

 behavioral carnivorism has become normal but it's  also become  normal to be ill and sick in 2016  , a glance at  history shows  how euphemisms have been used in the past to enslave Races , limit Genders , & justify murder  . this is easily the biggest genocide in history  and it is made possible by keeping the average citizen disconnected from the process . the animal agricultural

industry is single handedly destroying the planet with many  direct and indirect effects

it takes a outstanding( 660 gallons of water to create 1 hamburger ) the equivalent to showering for 2 months , this is a staggering fact that has dire implications on a personal & global level ,this fact shows how much affect 1 person can have  in destroying the earth and animals ,

A recent UN report  highlighted the catastrophic effects of animal agriculture  such as using

  • 70 % of the earth's freshwater is used for the raising of animals  causing global water catastrophes and leaving 1.2 billion humans without access to clean water .
  • 91 % of Rainforest deforestation is caused by animal agriculture .
  • livestock covers 45% of the earth's land mass.
  • from 1.5 acres of land grows 37000 lbs of plants based food whilst meat raises a mere 375lbs from the same amount of land , rendering plant based options far more sustainable & practical .
  • animal agriculture is also causing species extinction & ocean dead zones throughout the world leading to water pollution & habitat destruction .

So How Can A Person Claim To Love The Planet And The Animals Whilst Directly Killing The Planet And The Animals ?

Its Important To  Understand Our Complicity In This Disastrous Time In History.  We Cannot Divorce The Values That Abuse Animals And Those That Abuse People And Those That Abuse The Planet Because They  Are The Same Values , Meditation For Peace While Paying For Murder Of Animals Is As Useless As Turning Your Fire Alarm Of In A House Fire ,

We Need To Understand That He Who Injures A Fellow Being Is Doing Harm To Himself , The Cause Of All The Evils That Afflict Humanity Are The Same . All Bloodshed Must Cease For A Better Tomorrow , If We Have A Society That Treats Animals With Compassion Love & Respect We Will Have A Society That Treats Humans With Compassion Love & Respect . 

In essence what we are really saying is that we lack the ability to change when coming  face to face  with a situation  that creates the need for change on a personal level

resulting in a cognitive dissonance which results in  a person protecting their core beliefs by   rationalizing  ,ignoring & denying any facts   in order to escape blame or simply to continue immoral acts , change begins within , knowledge can help us to see how are actions are directly linked to the effects we see manifesting before our very eyes .

below is a list of our herbivorous features and similarities

Anatomically Speaking

we have no protein or fat receptors on our tongues rendering meat tasteless causing meat industries to add salt to their  meat to activate the human tongues salt receptors,  it's important to remember the taste only comes from seasoning which is a fancy name for grounded up ( plants ) .   the anatomical properties of the human body are exact to that of a herbivore , humans have no carnivorous traits , our canine teeth are merely called canine because of location  and not by design they show no ability to tear and pierce flesh .

omnivores  intestinal tract is usually  4 -6 times  their body length meaning they can consume dairy meat & poultry  whilst eliminating it fast due to the  short distance traveled  in the intestines giving  disease & bacteria less time to mutate    ,where as   human intestines are 10 to 12 x longer then their bodies  meaning the meat dairy & protein that a omnivore or carnivore would be able to eliminate is otherwise stored in the humanintestines causing bacteria , yeast  , and clogging  of the veins and arteries   .

as  Doctor William C Roberts MD  put it   " when we kill animals to eat them,they end up killing us because their flesh - which contains cholesterol - & saturated fat -  was never intended for human consumption because  we are natural herbivores "