Back Pain = blocked arteries

back pain the first sign of deterioration and heart disease

in order to cure , reverse or alleviate any symptom it is first important to understand the causal factors

what if you knew your back pain was caused by diet ?

 recent research in the  European Journal of vascular & endovascular surgery (2009) 37, 661-70 reported in the review atherosclerosis and disk degeneration    that people with lower back pain actually have clogged arteries due to the aorta the largest artery in the body clogging with cholesterol blocking spinal arteries and influencing  the body into degeneration by starving the vertebrae and disks of nutrients and oxygen a process called    avascular necrosis 

Shown Below Is A Aortograph Displaying The Aorta In A Healthy And Unhealthy State Because Of Its Location And Connection To The Spine Effects Of Irregular Flow Are Instantly Felt Or Worsening Over Time Resulting In Minor To Fatal Cases


atherosclerotic calcifications begin when the internal environment has deposited to much cholesterol in the arteries & fat cells  causing arteries to narrow  resulting in

a process know as osteolysis the pathological destruction or disappearance of bone tissue leading to symptomatic conditions such as  Rheumatoid  arthritis  , osteoporosis and many other skeletal conditions resulting in inflammation

meat diary , poultry are cholesterol forming acidic foods that trigger a biological correction in the human body causing the parathyroid hormone to stimulate the removal of calcium from the bones and teeth to help neutralize excess acids

the aorta is directly connected to the spinal cord and spinal arteries meaning it is the directly connected too the spine - in order to support nutrition/blood/oxygen/  transference  to reverse any symptoms it is important to switch to a alkaline organic lifestyle to reverse and alleviate symptoms hopefully this information has shown that bad backs are a verb and not always something that is done to us but rather perpetuated by us because of a lack of information  . treating any problem in terms  of its symptoms and not the cause leads to symptomatic short term cures that dont address the underlying issue , which can lead to fatal consequences .