Altzheimers - blocked arteries the smoking gun


Prevention is cure

lifestyle  & environmental factors create the perfect cocktail for alzheimer's  making it difficult for blood to get into your brain

  • animal products -
  • clogged brain arteries
  • - lack of blood flow hypoperfusion
Front view of a healthy blood vessel and an unhealthy blood vessel with plaque buildup
Front view of a healthy blood vessel and an unhealthy blood vessel with plaque buildup

 Acidic Forming Foods Such As Meat Diary Fish & Poultry Cause Metabolic Acidosis Which Is To Consume More Acids Then You Eliminate

Tremendous Stress Is Put On The Elimination Organs Such As The Liver Which Over Compensates By Producing High Amounts Of Cholesterol To Protect The Vital Organs From  Acids , Along This Journey The Human Body Solidifies The Toxins And Acids And Sends Them To The Connective Tissues Causing Blockages In The Arteries And Eventually The Connective Tissues


resulting in atherosclerosis a process that results in restricted blood flow to arteries & organs blocking the channels of elimination leading to poor circulation and premature cell death directly affecting re generation and promoting degeneration creating the perfect environment for atherosclerosis which is the narrowing of the blood vessels and the accumulation of plaque build upon the arteries walls because of cholesterol & saturated fats which can only be found in the form of animal proteins .

Environmental Factors

Nanoparticulates In The Environment Have Severely Increased  Over Time Due To Vaccines , Industrial Growth & Mass Spraying From Aeroplanes. Aluminium The Neurotoxin Is Found To Stimulate Inflammatory Conditions Recent Rainwater  Test Done By Chemtrail Project Uk Show Harmful Aluminum Levels Present In Rainwater Which Would Indicate Airborne Toxicity , Research On The Neurodegenerative Effects Of Aluminum Have Been Researched  By Scientist Such Dr Russell Baylock Who Stated In The Book  Inorganic Chemistry A Large Number Of Studies Show That Excitotoxicity Plays A Significant Role In The Neurological Degeneration .

Research Shown By The National Institute Of Health Shows

Intracranial Atherosclerosis Is The Contributing Factor To Alzheimer's  A Factor That Is Determined By Diet And Lifestyle Meaning Your Actions Directly Or Indirectly Affect The Process Of Alzheimer's.


According To The Neurobiology Of Ageing Prevention Lies In Minimising Your Intake Of Saturated Fats And Trans Fats.

Saturated Fat Is Found Especially In Dairy Products And Meats ;

Trans Fats Are Found In Many Snack Foods

  • Prevention Lies In Eliminating The Causal Factors

Re Balancing The Human Bodies PH

By Means Of A Cholesterol Free Organic Whole Food Alkaline Vegan Diet , Studies And Research Show Healthy Cholesterol Levels Are Only Present In Vegan / Vegetarian Eaters. According To Dr David Jenkins Nutritional Scientist At University Of Toronto Who Stated That Vegans Have The Best Cardiovascular Profile And Lowest Cholesterol Levels

A Study Released By  The Harvard Medical School Health Publication Stated That

A Diet Rich In Mono And Unsaturated Fats Is 70%

Less Likely To Develop Alzheimer's  A Staggering Fact That Should Inspire You To Stop Eating Animal Proteins And Products And To Start Eating Organic Plant Based Foods .