ever wondered why your always unhappy and uninspired to wake up in the morning ? Ever wonderd why you dont progress at work ? 

Why do you do what you do every day ?

is it because you love what you do or because your in stuck in routine ?

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There is only one disease and it is the failure to eliminate toxins that are accumulated and assimilated through diet , environment , and metabolic processes , failure to eliminate toxins and indigestible matter causes a back up in the arteries and channels of elimination altering the internal environments Ph triggering numerous biological corrections . alkalize or die treat cause not symptom

Natural Law - 12 unchangeable laws of reality

Natural Law - 12 unchangeable  laws of reality

To truly become an enlightened spiritual being, you need to learn how to balance your masculine and feminine energy. One way to do this is to learn how to live in harmony with Natural Law. Contrary to what many New Age and religious leaders say, you can’t balance your masculine and feminine energy through wishful thinking or by relying on a messiah to do it for you. Why is that you may ask? 

Cancer is something you do not something you get

PH Stands for the potential of hydrogen  ion concentration in the human bodies Interstitial fluids . the PH scale ranges from 0 to 14

7 is neutral ) (below 7 is acidic ) (while above is alkaline)

what affects the ph balance ?

  1. What we eat
  2. What we drink
  3. What we think
  4. Extreme physical exercise
  5. Dehydration
  6. Environmental pollutants & toxins

what is the perfect PH range ?

in order to survive the human blood must maintain its delicate balance of 7.35 to 7.45 anything outside of this range results in a lack of oxygen

organs such as the kidneys ,lungs & skin are dedicated to regulating the bodies PH in order to  maintain bodily functions  the balance  must be kept .  if the internal environment is acidic the bloods mechanism of oxygen transference & toxin elimination becomes severely inhibited causing great stress to the bodies organs and cells . the PH value of your food & liquids directly affect the PH value of your bodily fluids which in turn determine the expression your cells take   .

with the understanding that all diseases and illness are forms of over acidity ALKALINEHUMAN focuses on changing the circumstances that create conditions  by removing acidic Foods  Liquids & toxins from your life .

1931's noble prize winner Dr Otto Warburg discovered cells have a absolute requirement for Oxygen  to reach a full healthy life cycle the  internal environment must be at a alkaline PH . The root cause of cancer and disease is a build up of over acidity lowering the PH potential of hydrogen ions  in the body to  below required levels .

dr otto warburg also discovered cancerous cells maintain  thrive and survive in a acidic PH because of the high acid production .in his great work the metabolism of tumours warburg demonstrated that depriving a cell of 35% of its oxygen for 48 hours can cause cancer . for survival if oxygen is not present the cell uses sugar and waste products as a food source causing mutation and coagulation  . CANCER cannot survive in a alkaline environment so its important  for us to monitor our acidic intake and understand the importance of alkalising daily .

Meat Eating - How you are directly responsible for destroying the planet

Meat Eating - How you are directly responsible for destroying the planet

Leonardo Da Vinci

The time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look upon the murder of men

meat eating is killing the planet the animals and you , Carnism is the highest expression of domination a practice that kills nearly 56 billion animals yearly while research has shown that by 2050 water supplies could run dry  

meditation for peace while eating meat is as useful as using fire to put fire out