The PH level of the human bodies internal fluids affects every  cell and function  in our bodies  what we eat ,think and drink directly affects the

Ph balance which in turn affects the quality of our blood   , severely affecting the bloods  ability for regeneration to remove toxins and transfer oxygen .

ALKALINEHUMAN has been studying the relationship between disease and the Ph balance of the human bodies interstitial fluids , our research and studies have led us to understand that all diseases and imbalances occur when the Ph balance of the human bodies internal fluids becomes to acidic - resulting in symptoms of over acidosis such as , heart disease , Cancer , diabetes , inflammatory conditions such as arthritis , eczema  , obesity , jaundice , fatigue , brain fog / confusion , premature ageing

Whats in the alkaline eden  drink ?

chlorophyll / minerals / essential AMINos / alkaline water /  OILS / pure vapour distilled water

chlorophyll  is a green pigment found in plants  that has a identical molecular structure as hemoglobin   the only difference being the center atom of hemoglobin is (Fe) iron whilst chlorophyll center atom is (Mg) magnesium , making it a direct replacement for blood regeneration

                   chlorophyll hemoglobin identical molecular structure

                   chlorophyll hemoglobin identical molecular structure

why do you need alkalize to alkaline daily ?

every cell in your body has a absolute requirement for oxygen and nutrients.

 life and movement require the use of electrons

 which in turn creates metabolic  waste products

that are solidified if not eliminated  & sent to the connective tissues to keep organs from damage ,

 forcing the internal environment into a state of acidosis changing the expression of your cells from healthy to unhealthy .

the cell is only as healthy as the fluid it is bathed in

cellular expression is determined by the Ph of the fluid it is bathed in , meaning if a cell is bathed in alkaline solution it will have enough oxygen to fulfil its life potential - but if it is bathed in a acidic environment it will be weak and corruptive to other cells and will die prematurely and have insufficient oxygen transference which forces the cell to change its food source to sugar , making the cell highly cancerous and mutagenic

healthy alkaline fluids and foods create healthy cells-  healthy cells create healthy tissues -healthy tissues create healthy organs without the organic alkaline matter present the body will do its best to recreate , regenerate & neutralize . high levels of acidity cause biological corrections  that stimulate calcium removal from your bones and teeth to neutralize excess acidity .

human cells takes direct orders from the environment and can have a life of health vitality and oxygen if in a alkaline environment .  In a acidic environment disease & degeneration are conditions that require  low oxygen & high acid  this revelation gives you the opportunity to become the creator of your life and not its victim .