alkaline human CANCER PROTOCOL 

the alkaline human organisation aims to limit toxic exposure consumed through  foods liquids and environment  by creating a set of strict protocols to help you maintain your bodies alkaline design while opening the channels of elimination  . this is a lifestyle not medical advice .

as we do not sell medicine or give medical advice  .

the list will include foods and liquids  to avoid during your healing process .

self healing / education not medication / prevention is better then cure .

Our mission is to help you change the conditions that have caused your symptoms to manifest . Our method is prevention rather then cure and education instead of medication .we have combined methods of Dr robert Young  & Dr Sebi who have inspired and educated  us in so many ways  . through research analysis and unbiased  observation we have developed a system to help you support your immune system with our aim being to change the expressions of your cells on a micro level because cells respond to the environment & the environment responds to the foods and liquids that we eat .

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